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Benefits from applying management systems at Tata Global Beverages

Tata Global Beverages holds multiple standards, including ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 50001 (Energy Management) and BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety).

With the exception of ISO 9001, which was achieved 20 years ago, Denise Graham, the company’s Technical Manager, has overseen accreditation to all of them. When talking about the purpose of applying these standards, Denise shared: “We do not need to boast about what we have achieved, because standards are not tools to advertise, but maintenance brand reputation is what we aim for.”

She continues, “For us, standards are a tool that promotes business efficiency; a framework for coordinating and validating production activities. With the environment, for example – we felt we were doing the right things, however, ISO 14001 showed us another direction, a clearer process. This approach allows us to better manage environmental issues, while also tightening policy provisions towards the goal of improving the environment.” Thanks to that, our business relationships also gradually changed positively.

“Environmental certification is sometimes required by customers, but that’s not the main reason why we apply ISO 14001. Tata Beverage is serious about enforcing environmental protection regulations, and ISO 14001 certificate is a standardized proof for customers and management agencies to see our efforts.

“The company’s efforts to improve the management process paid off, especially by reducing £ 750,000 in energy costs each year. For example, through ISO 14001, we are able to track the causes of incidents affecting the environment, and thereby reduce water consumption by 20%. However, if combined with the statistics (thanks to ISO 50001) on energy use, we can give a better overview of the whole production process, thereby determining energy savings potential on a larger scale.”

In addition, a series of projects to support the provision of smart management software helped Tata Beverage save a total of £ 56,000 in the first year alone and an additional £ 28,000 in the second year of application. On the other hand, Denise also affirmed that the application of management systems not only brings direct economic benefits but also builds a solid foundation to help the company continuously improve.

Tata Beverage is proud of its achievements in the field of canned beverage production and business. The company has received many certificates and merit from its partners as well as management agencies, typically as the most productive Factory Award in 2014 awarded by the UK Department of Industry and Trade and a series of management standards certificates are certified by BSI.

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