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Results from applying ISO 22000: 2005 at Duong Quang Trading Co., Ltd.

Duong Quang Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of baking ingredients in the North, Vietnam. In addition, Duong Quang also produces and supplies bread and pastries … for most of the big fast-food restaurants with Vietnamese or foreign brands in Hanoi. In order to improve competitiveness in the context of increasing economic integration, Duong Quang Trading Co., Ltd. has determined to successfully apply the ISO 22000: 2005 food safety management system.

The process of building a food safety management system takes nearly 6 months with tasks such as surveying and assessing the status of factories; consulting layout of premises and equipment in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 food safety standards; disseminate, train and equip knowledge about ISO 22000: 2005; advice, guidance on setting up and application of processes; guidelines for identifying and controlling food hazards according to ISO 22000: 2005 principles; training and guidance on internal assessment for food safety and hygiene management system; propose correct errors solutions and improve the system…

In June 2017, Duong Quang Trading Co., Ltd.’s food safety management system was certified to ISO 22000: 2005 by the independent certification body and assessed and certified.

Thanks to the good construction of the ISO 22000: 2005 food safety management system, the company has been controlling production stably, ensuring product quality and food hygiene and safety. In addition, it has created a system throughout from top to bottom very professional, from which the operation of management is more efficient, better product quality. And the most important thing is to ensure consumer safety when using the company’s products. As a result, the company has satisfied some difficult customers to choose to use the company’s products such as Burger King, Noi Bai Aviation Catering Joint Stock Company, Nguyen Son Co., Ltd.…

It can be said that thanks to the interest and investment in product management and product quality management, Duong Quang has achieved many successes in both production and business processes. The Duong Quang brand is increasingly being consolidated and developed with increasing revenue and profit each year, next year is higher than the previous year.

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