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Viet Nam Packaging printing industry: Towards international standards

The packaging printing industry is considered an indispensable supporting industry to support other manufacturing industries. Therefore, printing products also increase with the development of many other economic sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics…

Packaging – the face of the product

In order for products of enterprises (DN) to compete with other products of the same type in the market, except for superior quality, usefulness and features, new products need different image prints on the packaging. It can be said that packaging is one of the main tools to help products of enterprises (DN) stand out from competitors and attract customers as well as in identifying and sharing brand identity. Good and cheap products can still not reach consumers due to poor packaging design. Therefore, investing in packaging printing is extremely necessary for businesses to improve competitiveness.

According to the Vietnam Printing Association, packaging companies have a high growth rate of over 20%. The packaging printing market, especially high quality packaging, is attracting domestic and foreign investors because of its own advantages in the market, competitive human resources and an improved investment environment. Print products are more and more diversified in designs, types, sizes and materials. Estimates of Vietnam’s printing industry revenue include sales of packaging on plastic and printing on other materials of over US $ 5 billion.

Need technology investment

Current packaging trends require thin, light, environmentally friendly, impressive design and printing. This requires businesses operating in the industry to constantly research, create unique and more effective. “The Vietnamese printing industry is facing many challenges, which are weak access to international markets and product quality at an average level. For international quality products with international standards, not many Vietnamese enterprises can produce such products, so this “lucrative” market share has fallen into foreign investors. “- Mr. Nguyen Van Dong – Chairman of Vietnam Printing Association said.

From a business perspective, Mr. Nguyen Thai Dung – research and development and training specialist of Huynh De Anh Khoa Company said that in the current context, the printing industry will have to integrate internationally, customers not only have domestic but also foreign corporations and they will place orders in many different countries. The first prerequisite we must achieve is the production process, enterprise management as well as the quality of created products must meet international standards. Therefore, businesses need to prioritize investment in terms of people and technology.

In fact, packaging companies diverted intensive investment, improved processes, and built a quality management system that affirmed the brand and had stable customers.

Many experts also said that the biggest challenge now for the packaging printing industry is not to find customers but to invest in technological innovation to compete and catch the growing production. Accordingly, printing companies need to increase investment in new technologies, invest in synchronous lines, and apply recognized quality certificates. However, domestic enterprises need financial support mechanisms to help invest in modern technology to keep up with global trends.

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